Trance Healing Explained

What is Trance Healing?

Tim enters an altered state of consciousness (a state of trance) and allows spirit to have flexible control of his consciousness. This channels a variety of healing vibrations. Tim blends his auric field with yours and then spirit doctors will blend into your aura via Tims . It’s a blending of the auric fields of you, Tim and Spirit. The Spirit Doctors utilise Tim as their link or bridge to you, allowing deeper and more focused healing energies to be transferred.

What is Psychic Surgery?

This is where the Spirit Doctors perform surgery on your Spirit Body, the changes then transcend energetically to your physical body to bring about the healing. Your spirit body exists around two to three inches away from your physical body and is an exact replica of your physical body. It is the body that holds the spirit of those in the spirit world and yours is the one that will hold your spirit after you leave this earth.

What are the Benefits?

  • Deeper healing
  • Quicker transfer of energies
  • More specific energies related to the root cause
  • No Pain
  • Enables Psychic Surgery to be performed if required
  • All conditions can be treated
  • Can attune you to your personal journey with spirit

What will you Experience?

This will be an individualistic experience depending on your condition and/or what Spirit wish to bring to you at this time.

  • Total relaxation
  • Flow of beautiful healing energies both hot and cool
  • A guide may show themselves to you
  • You may feel as if a hand is entering your body as the spirit performs an operation on your spirit body
  • Feeling of intense electromagnetic, balancing & resonating energy in your body and within your auric field around a particular physical problem
  • Emotional Release
  • Personal Realisations that will help you move forward

The list is endless as the healing heals on all levels of your being; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is a truly a very powerful form of healing and one that has to be experienced to fully appreciate the closeness and love of Spirit. 

It Dosn't Stop There

After your initial session, as Spirit now have that connection with you they may need to carry on their healing work over the next 3 to 4 days at the appropriate time. This will usually occur whilst you are asleep.

Please be advised to drink water as Spirit Doctors use water within their healing and replenishing and keeping hydrated is very important to fully realise the benefits. 

Tim’s Trance Healing Journey

 I have always been drawn towards trance work from the beginning of my spiritual journey some 16 years ago which along with many workshops, culminated in attending The Arthur Findlay College; Trance and Trance Healing Weeks in 2015. I was fortunate to be guided by SNU Minister Steven Upton, a Trance Healer for 30 years. I also employ techniques taught by the well known healer Harry Edwards, especially with problems connected with the spine.

The Spirit Doctors

There is one main Doctor that works directly with and through Tim along with a team of doctors, nurses and other practitioners working within the combined auric field of Tim and the patient. Knowing their identities is nice but it’s more important to them for you to realise that they are a team of doctors and nurses working harmoniously together for the benefit of mankind. They were doctors and nurses in their physical lives wishing to carry on their work from Spirit and that they work in conjunction with the health profession here on Earth. More information on the team of spirit that works with Tim will be revealed once absolute confirmation is made and they agree to disclosure. I am under the impression, with stacking up independant evidence, that the main spirit doctor is a certain well known indivdual and that he has worked before in a similar fashion with another medium who is now himself in spirit as well. This individuals response when asked if to disclose was to say "let the work do the talking" and thats what I'm doing.

Feedback from Patients

“My back has been Pain Free!!! Had more energy and I haven’t had as much pain or stiffness in my muscles” Tracy, Sheffield Sept 2016

“Feel Energised – I haven’t felt like this in 2 years” Barry Aug 2016

Woo, Amazing!! That was great, thank you” Liz of Whitby 2016

“I saw a nun, so clear, it was truly special” Anna of Liverpool July 2016

“My knee was like magnetised, electrical pulsing and then all around, like a magnetic field – amazing, it feels lighter, freer, no problem since, thank you” Tim of Chesterfield Sept 2016

“Healing was so good Tim, my knee feels so much better, thank you” Sat 17th Sept and then on the Monday 19th Sept …. “Still feeling good from the healing, if you’re anywhere local before I go away, let me know, I’d like some more” Barbara (Reiki Master) Sheffield Sept 2016

   Tim Doyle: Healing Trance Medium & Psychic Surgeon 07982676648